Best PDC Drill Bits – #1 Manufactures in Canada.

PDC Drill Bits PCD manufacturers from Fort McMurray Alberta and Fort St John B.C.The PDC Drill bits sold on this website are sold to to drilling companies in Fort McMurray Alberta and Fort St John and are the best of quality from world wide manufacturers from China, Russia, Europe, Mexico, Canada, USA, United Kingdom.

Traditional and conventional well drilling technologies like electroplated and hot-pressed drills are completely gnawed with the invention of  Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC). Polycrystalline Diamond Compact is a drilling bit composed of cutting components which help in drilling rocks and ground to get natural products like crude oil and gas.

Fort McMurray Alberta and Fort St John B.C.

PDC Drill Bit Manufactures:

The drilling bits are welded into the body by PDC drill bit manufactures to solve any cutting purpose. We have applications in power engineering, water conservancy, coal exploration and geological prospecting etc.

Following types are employed for the above mentioned applications:

  • Tri-cone – Tricone bit for well drilling.
  • Coring  – It has shape of a tube and is multi-toothed with diamond core.
  • Non-coring – Offers full face PDC drilling bits and can be made in varied series.
  • Sintering Matrix – They are used for drilling wells for oil/natural exploration
  • Anchoring – It is used when it is required to drilling small diameter hole

These bits come with three to eight blades and are known for the excellent capabilities of wear and tear, remarkable efficiency and good performance over cost. As compared to the old drilling materials bits have a clear edge and are constantly improving for vertical as well as directional drilling. They have noticeably better steer-ability when it comes to transit from vertical to horizontal drilling.

Useful life of a bit is five times more than the diamond bits and as much as ten times more than a tungsten carbide bit. The precision of high grade cutters is remarkable and can drill with hardness coefficient of as much as f<9. Drill bits are used with low pressure and low speed to produce optimum results.

We provide the best quality distributors of bits specifically made to cater to your requirements at most economical prices.